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We define ourselves through the motto of Hacettepe University: 'to the leading edge, toward being the best'.

Our department is a very dynamic one. We are frisky, we try to discover everything around us, we enjoy learning, we are proud of our academicians and students, we aim at training our students in real-life environments, we enjoy guiding the others in our own field, we closely follow the world of translation studies, we have strong international relations...

We work for going further, being better...

What do we do? We carry out researches to improve our training programs. We aim at including new foreign languages into our programme in addition to english, german and French. We try to elaborate and improve our MA programmes and work on our prospective PhD program. We initiate cooperations with the public and private institutions around us. We intend to add new chains to our international collabarations which range from Europe to India, and from South Africa to South Korea. In the mean time we are always initiating new international projects.

We do our best to be better than the best...


Extranslation in theory and practice: Representation of Turkish culture through translation

October 15-16, 2015, Hacettepe University

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Hacettepe University Department of Translation and Interpreting
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